Sunday, October 28, 2012


There's a Were-Squirrel that lives in this hole.  That's right, a were-wolf squirrel that comes out
on Halloween (and Thanksgiving) to strike fear into the hearts of sparrows, stoop-pumpkins and ants.
He's really just a disgustingly filthy old squirrel that won't die.  He yells at anyone that
comes near his hole and is always trying to get the kids to turn down that "rock and roll racket".
 The guy who sealed up the hole thought the squirrel would starve to
death, but he was a miser of a squirrel in his hey-day.  He's like Scrooge McDuck with nuts
instead of coins.  No one's seen him for awhile but you can hear him swearing at his
television set while he watches Game Show Network.