Monday, October 1, 2012

Tricycle City: Vehicles: Fuzz-Cart

Always loved those little 3-wheeler Police Carts you see in NYC.  Always wanted one, thought
it'd be the perfect way to deliver pizza.  You could imagine the surge of excitement I experienced
when I saw a little one zip out of a hole in my wall and pull over the Schoolbus from above.
The Schoolbus hadn't been speeding, but the more I looked at how they were interacting made
it seem like they had something going on.  Like in a boyfriend-girlfriend kind of way.
I can't tell which one's a boy or a girl, so it might be a boyfriend-boyfriend kind of deal
which would really be much cooler - to have a miniature gay Schoolbus and miniature gay Police Cart
living right in my walls!


  1. Vote yes on gay car marriage!

    Speaking of, my younger brother works for Senator Tom Duane, which was a lead sponsor of same-sex marriage legislation in the New York. I will have a chat with him and find out what we need to get cars married.

  2. I think Sudsy the Ghost is certified to perform legal Gay-Auto-Marriages. "Why" do you ask? He thought it'd be a good acting gig.