Friday, October 19, 2012

Sexy Banana

Props to Melia Marden, my wife, for finding this.
This is from back in the 50's when there was that banana scare and all those
"Killer Bananas" were flying around everywhere.  People were always
gunning them down in there backyards.  Oldies and Clumsies were slipping
on dead ones up and down the streets.  The thing was, a Killer Banana
was just as good as Lame Banana, but people had been turned off.
So this booklet was making an effort to make bananas seem not only
perfectly A-OK to eat, but downright fancy.

And here's my favorite recipe:


  1. Props to you for running such a classy site. This post is "ripe" with potential cheesy banana jokes, so thank you for upholding the reputation of such a fine fruit that goes great with peanut butter and is full of potassium. Also, sometimes I'm not that confident with my street vernacular and I rely on the internet to look up the spelling and/or meaning of words such as "props." assured me that I was using the term correctly and also informed that "props is only trumped by 'mad props'." I'll save "mad props" for another post (baby steps).

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