Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Business Card: Coral Aquarium on Roosevelt Avenue

Coral Aquarium has been on Roosevelt Avenue for 30 years, and is still run by its original owner and fish-concept guy, Larry.  Easily the best, most independently minded, finely curated Pet Shop in all of Queens.  You can tell there's something special going on when you get one of their cards.


Tony Polkadots, the Gangster Goldfish

One of many fine aquariums.

I'll say this is an ill sale.  (tonguetwister)
I put this photo up in respect to an old school-bus chum, the kid everyone used to call Alpo,
easily one of the best nicknames ever - but definitely the worst to have.  Alpo was a low-ball schemer,
had a small degree of toughness, but still got bullied by the real bad kids.  He was pretty dumb, and
did badly in class, but I ran into him years later and he seemed truly nervous about the future.
Like I said, he wasn't really a bad kid, but he seemed shook that he had been bad and that he had
wasted precious years of learning or of being a good person.  After all was said and done, I heard
he became a veterinarian - which is a job kids think they want but then never come through on it.
But someone's gotta come through on it, right?  Anyhow - what up Dr. Alpo!