Friday, October 26, 2012

Roto-Rooter Jingle

My new plumber, Al, came through the other day to service all of my toilets and to snake all my drains.
(NO THANKS TO MR. PARFENIX (my landlord).
When a plumber "snakes your drain", he kills all the mean snakes that live in there, that's why
plumbers make such good money and also why my old plumber was a snake-charmer - he
didn't even have any tools, just an old middle-school recorder.
Al works with Roto-Rooter, and he was terrific.  When I asked him about the old Roto-Rooter
commercials, he said he didn't think they ran on TV anymore, but you might catch them on the radio.
Then he told me he had a pen that played the jingle -- but he didn't want to part with it.
But at the end of his visit, he ran back out to his van and came back and gave me the pen.
He said, "With all that stuff that you got, it obviously belongs here."
A better man might have refused him, because it seemed like the pen held some genuine
sentimental value to Al, but I'm not a better man, and I wanted the jingle pen so bad that I
actually calculated that it probably already had more sentimental value to me.
Check the jingle below!!