Monday, October 1, 2012

Tricycle City: Vehicles: Mr. Softee

This Mr. Softee Ice Cream truck comes through the apartment at least 3 times a day and just taunts all
of us with the promise of miniature milkshakes and ice cream cones covered in hundreds of thousands
(aka sprinkles aka jimmies).  But it's like when your friend gets out of the passenger seat of your car,
then you keep driving ahead, making him feel like he might get left behind.  Bill the Snowman
seems to get along just fine with Miniature Mr. Softee but that's because he gives him some free
therapy in exchange for the Banana Boat (Bill's weakness).  Apparently miniature Mr. Softee
uses the free psychiatry to bitch about the toy Police Cart from above who always gives him
speeding tickets.

These are the real sounds you hear when you press down on the Miniature Mr. Softee's front wheels.