Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mr. and Mrs. Lum

Mr. and Mrs. Lum are just a couple of cranky old-timers.  They've been married for more than
40 years, and lemme tell you, if you ever walk near their laundromat when they are in the middle of a scrape -
watch out.  Mrs. Lum is always throwing giant bottles of Tide at Mr. Lum.  I mean, Mr. Lum isn't the best
guy in the world - he drinks too much and spends all his money on scratch-off lottery tickets.  I feel bad for
their daughter, Gertie (pictured here in Mrs. Lum's arm).  Gertie barely talks, and when she does,
it seems like her voice is coming out of the side of Mrs. Lum's lips.  The poor kid.
She's home-schooled, doesn't eat anything (anorexic!), she's really really short, and I think she's
narcoleptic.  If she ever lays down, her eyes shut right away, and she's out like a light.