Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Barnyard Song

Norwegian Wood by the Ohio State Marching Band!

Sgt. Pepper by the Ohio State Marching Band!

Jump by Troy the Wonder Boy and Electric 1000

A little while ago I posted the jam Boo-Boo's Break.  This is the b-side.  So stop emailing me!

Tennis Tennis Everyone

It's summertime, and we all should be getting some exercise, Wimbledon style.

Koto Music 7 Inch with Killer Seashell Cover

Green Balloons

Melia's B-Day Cake

Orange Creamsicle Cake with marzipan letters, made my Meredith James

The candles were GLOW-IN-THE-DARK.


The Book That The Movie Was Based On

Melia Fell Asleep

While her birthday party was still raging. There were about 50 people standing with me on the other side of the camera while I took this picture.

The Only Newspaper That I Read

All The News That's Fit To Chew

Note what Dog Language looks like.

Strawberry Lozenge, A CLASSIC

From the basket at Grandma's house to the Doctor's Candy Jar, I present today's special post:
Strawberry Lozenge.

Rye Playland Parking Badge

Three Plastic Barrels

Construction Paper

Chocolate Scratch 'n Sniff Sticker

Some Feelies Lyrics

The Feelies are a band. These are the lyrics to their song, "Raised Eyebrows".

Squirtle Sticker


Vintage Benetton Sticker

Benetton was formed in 1965 by Luciano Benetton in Traviso, Italy. Luciano saw that there was a market for colorful clothes, so he sold his bike to buy a sewing machine. His initial small collection of sweaters got a good response in local stores in the Veneto region and after that he was off. He convinced his siblings to join him in business.

 This is the sticker that they'd give to you in the 80's if you went into the shop in NY and bought something. My best friend Jeff Roberts and I used to go into the stores and just ask for the stickers. Most of the time, they'd give them to us.

 In Junior High, my big crush/enemy was Heather Santa-Maria, and she used to wear the classic green and white Benetton rugby shirt with her collar turned up. I swear she wore it every day. I wonder if she had a closet full of them.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Iguanodon Sticker

"Me Iguanodon!"

Dr. Swatch Sticker

In the 80's you could go to your local department store and Dr. Swatch would fix your Swatch.

Wonder Woman Bootleg Toy From Mexico!

This Wonder Woman toy is obviously being robbed at gunpoint.  The crook has just said,
"Stick 'Em Up!"

Nice Star Sticker.  I'm going to consider it a part of my star sticker collection.

It's definitely Wonder Woman because she's got her lasso.  Unless that's a big snail she's got tied to her
belt.  Maybe she's making Es-Car-Go for Aquaman later.  I hear that he loves Es-Car-Go.
I heard that Aquaman has a bumber sticker on his submarine that says,
"Honk If You Love Es-Car-Go".

Hey look it's Wonder Woman's butt!  Her shorts are totally old and gross.
Come on Wonder Woman!  Go to the American Apparel and get some nice new shorts.
You could go to the Gap, if you want something more conservative, but I don't think they
have any metallic blue hot pants right now.  Try Patricia Field!

Number One Sticker from the 70's

I've had this for 30 years and I despise it now.  This sticker has such a big ego.  It thinks it's the best.
I mean, gimme a break, it's just a lousy reflective sticker.  It's so dated.  But it refuses to see that.
It still just thinks it's Number One.  Sigh.

Bill's Cousin Cecil

If Sudsy were running this show, it'd be jam packed with guest appearances by boring members of his ghoul family and friends. It'd be a show about a bunch of ghosts, trying to communicate their feelings through songs and study lessons. Every year I give him Ghostbusters on VHS to give him an idea of how much more fun it is to see ghosts get busted rather than see them give lectures on gardening and macro-economics.  Sudsy just does not understand the the human need for action.  Sudsy's latest screenplay was called The Flower Pot That Sat On The Windowsill.  It's another one of those on-the-nose titles that have become so popular recently, like Bad Teacher, Horrible Bosses, and Thor.

But this post isn't about Sudsy. It's about Bill the Snowman's cousin Cecil.  He's a much smaller snowman than Bill, and he's made out of some sort of old cotton fiber with features made out of fancy-paper.  He's more of an old-timer, and a little bit out of it (as in senile).  Still, he can be funny in his own way, like if you ask him a question that he doesn't know the answer to, he'll just lay a fart instead.  Plus, he's always going on about Sanka, Johnny Mathis, and how he's legally blind.

I ran into Cecil one day at a flea market in December.  When he told me he didn't have anywhere to stay,
I brought him home.  He usually just stays in the crisper drawer in Bill's fridge, but when it's cold enough
he likes to chill on the windowsill, next to Sudsy's flowerpot, and look out the window.  Which is sad,
because, as I said before, he can't really see.

Cecil's a good old guy but he's also a bit of a klepto.                                                                           

If you ever look under his hat...
There's always some money in there that he's skimmed off of one of my various hiding spots.
Apparently he's saving up for this big field trip he's been planning to the diner around the corner.
Not only is he gonna order all the Sanka he wants, he's gonna pump the diner-booth jukebox with as many
hits as they have.  I don't have the heart to tell him the diner doesn't have the Jukeboxes installed
in the booths anymore and that the kid that serves him will never have heard of Sanka in his life.

The Only Proper Way To Play Fireman Is With These Pins

After the Laughter

If It Doesn't Look Like Rain, I Take My Small Umbrella Just In Case

Melia's Surprised Face

It was my wife's birthday the other day.  I hid her present in my workshop.
When she came downstairs, she was so surprised.

DETAIL: Melia's surprised face
In an effort to keep this blog fresh and unexpected, I'm NOT gonna show you what I got her.  Anyone out there who guesses the right answer gets a free fan club package!