Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wonder Woman Bootleg Toy From Mexico!

This Wonder Woman toy is obviously being robbed at gunpoint.  The crook has just said,
"Stick 'Em Up!"

Nice Star Sticker.  I'm going to consider it a part of my star sticker collection.

It's definitely Wonder Woman because she's got her lasso.  Unless that's a big snail she's got tied to her
belt.  Maybe she's making Es-Car-Go for Aquaman later.  I hear that he loves Es-Car-Go.
I heard that Aquaman has a bumber sticker on his submarine that says,
"Honk If You Love Es-Car-Go".

Hey look it's Wonder Woman's butt!  Her shorts are totally old and gross.
Come on Wonder Woman!  Go to the American Apparel and get some nice new shorts.
You could go to the Gap, if you want something more conservative, but I don't think they
have any metallic blue hot pants right now.  Try Patricia Field!