Friday, May 31, 2013

Snowmen Marshmallows

Looks like Bill the Snowman is up to his usual fly-by-night schemes
 to drum up a few extra bucks by lending his image to cheap marshmallows.
He outta be ashamed!

But he did come up with this excellent design though.

Paper Cut-Out Robot Head

I have no clue on how to fold this thing together, but I do know that his eyes are the bomb!

"Rubbish The Rat" in Sign Language

This is how you say my name in Sign Language.
It actually reads "Trash Rat", but that'll have to do.

OXBERRY Field Guide

The Oxberry Field Guide was used on an animation drafting table under your drawings,
in order to keep "Clicks" (single cartoon frames) aligned with each other.
I'm sure it still gets used somewhere, even though most cartoons are done on computers these days.

The New York Bowler April 2013

Looking on eBay right now for the other 267 issues of The NY Bowler.

*NOTE: Please don't read the article.
You will lose your mind and won't be able to find it again.

Astoria Carvel

I was digging through Frankie's drawers looking for a few bucks to buy lottery tickets,
when I found this photo of the old Carvel in Astoria (now gone).

Scrap Metal Cart

Now this is a shopping cart!
Looks like someone's building another Junky Robot.


Empress your friends in Japan with  a Vinyl Calliope Whistle.

Some Dogs Have Curly Hair

Frankie accidentally ate my vintage Snausage puppy treat from the 80's last week & turned into a dog.


And all that TIME-TRAVELLING ruined my PINBACK!

PINBACK: I Was There

Don't worry where.

Pinback: OFFICIAL Street Pretzel Enjoyment League Badge

This is the badge for the ordinary member.  You should see the Lieutenant Badge and the Captain
Badge and the illest badge of them all - The Empress Badge.

Pinbacks: Let's Dance

Bowie Concert Souvenirs


A Hallmark Joint


Pinback - Funky Design Bullshit

Wacko Funked Out Cheezoid Brands tried to work Pinbacks into the sell-factor on JEANS
in the late Eighties/Early Nineties.  But kids would just flow through Macy's and Bloomingdale's
and steal the pins.  Same thing happened with hang-tags that were stickers.  Kids would just yank
'em off.  I don't know if this Pinback is really one of those funky pins that came on a baggy
Girbaud-rip-off -- but I like to think it is.  Either that or a funky "brooch" for one of those
weirdo Aunt types from the period that encouraged your drawings, polaroids, and thoughts on
what was cool on the radio.

Pinback - ALL WHITE

All White, Cream, or BLANK, depending on how you look at it.

Pinback - Geosphere

This is for all those Buckminster Fuller heads out here.
Technically, this isn't a PINBACK, it's a FOLDIE.

Pinback - Hayden Planetarium

From the Walter Cronkite Era of Narration.  The Planetarium that Woody Allen and Diane Keaton
chill at in "Manhattan".  The Planetarium that was demolished in 1997.  The Planetarium that
was built in 1935.

Pinback - The Stars

Oh How I Love The Stars.  The Silver Print on these joints was always good!  Circa the 1940's.  Could be 30's!!

Frankie Cartoon Poses

If you've been watching Frankie's Apartment for the last 11 or so years, you know that at one point, I (Frankie) made myself a newspaper pirate hat to wear in the studio and show everyone who was boss.  But, since I manufactured the HAT out of a VERY SPECIAL and HARD-TO-FIND page of VINTAGE SUNDAY FUNNY PAPERS, something incredible happened.  For a while, this Newspaper hat used to TRANSFORM me into a CARTOON, so that I could do talk show interviews and give BIG, HAMMY cartoon reactions.  Basically it was so that my eyes could bug out of my head when people said something insane.  After a while though, my "Cartoon Self" started appearing completely SEPARATELY from me.  Like, he would join me at the breakfast table, or try sneaking into the bed with me and my wife.
     He would just start to MANIFEST himself right from my HAT when I wasn't using it.  It was a SPIDER-MAN BLACK COSTUME situation all over again.  The "magical funny papers" that I made the hat out of turned out to be a "symbiotic alien" of all things!  A symbiotic alien that could communicate with me telepathically and take the form of whatever he wants!  Unlike Spider-Man's Black Costume (which later becomes the evil VENOM), my Cartoon-Self/Hat-Person-Alien is actually a WONDERFUL GUY.  If anything, I'm the bad one and he's the super-mensch.

Drawings by Jeffrey Roberts

Drawings by Jeffrey Roberts

Drawings by Jeffrey Roberts

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Have A Heart Productions: THE PINBACK GIF

PINBACK: Canal Jean Co.


PINBACK: Dr. Salsbury's Transparent Hen

Air Shaft

The Air Shaft on top of the Metro Mall in Middle Village Queens is a great listener.
If I ever have a problem that I don't feel comfortable talking to my therapist about, I come to see
Sanderson the Airshaft.  My therapist, Bill,  the Snowman that lives in my fridge, usually has
tons of great advice, but when I actually start bitching about him (e.g. how he's a big ham, or
a mic hog when we do karaoke, or just plain cold-hearted) he doesn't know how to handle it.
It's called PROFESSIONALISM, Bill.  You're my therapist.  You're supposed to help me with all
my problems, even when you're my problem.  The other thing I like about Sanderson is that
he smells like hot-dogs, cause he's helping to keep the Mall's Nathans franchise well
ventilated.  Lets all give it up to Sanderson!
Bill and Me.

Zaghaven Gas Station



PINBACKS: Famous Monsters

Money Clip: Gold Dollar Sack

Impress Your Friends.

Fridge Magnet: Tomorrow Has Been Cancelled

PINBACKS: I Have Slurped

Brunswick 2000

Sudsy the Ghost (aka Specter Spit-Shine), just had this bowling-ball washer delivered to the Apartment.
He claims it'll get out those deep grime stains out of our coffee mugs.
I asked him, "Why not just get that busted dishwasher fixed instead?".
Sudsy replied, "What do you mean!?!?  I've been sleeping in that dishwasher for the past 6 months.
Besides, the Lustre King works wonders on rodents. Catch my drift, Rat?".
Say no more... Long live the King!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Cloud King of Zaghaven

Frankie's theory is that he's actually a potato chip posing as a cloud.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Kung Fu Target Board

The store owner of Tip Top Gifts in Park Slope stated, "Throwing Stars are illegal in NY...
Which is stupid.  You could use knives though."
I suppose I could raid Frankie's vintage Butter Knife collection.