Thursday, May 30, 2013

Zaghaven Gas Station


  1. I bet they still serve leaded fuel!

    Leaded fuel was used in older engines becuase the engine valves were made of a non-hardened metal which would be damaged If not for the constant lead lubricating them. If you have an older car and run unleaded fuel, you run the risk of damaging the valves and or valve-seats.
    They sell lead additives OR the other alternative is to retrofit the engine with hardened valve seats.

    -but yeah that gas station is decrepit and cool. Reminds me of the time I ended up in the 6th.
    In one of my other lifetimes I was piloting an old Mercedes Benz truck built in Brasilia, It was raining and I ran over a HUGE puddle, the water splashed up, soaked the engine belts and seized the power steering pump, I was left with essentially no steering on a 30,000lb truck barreling down the road at about 30mph in what I remember to be a monsoon. I blew right through the intersection and actually ended up at the gas station in the picture above. I think back then it was either an Amoco, Chevron, or Gaseteria. either way I was a few feet from the building when the truck came to a halt.

    1. Also, Leaded fuel is bad for the environment.