Thursday, May 2, 2013

Montez, The "Empdas" Mascot

Montez is a straight-up slammingly good person.  He might be one of the few Empanadas made out
of florescent yellow OAKTAG, but that didn't stop Mr. Parfenix from eating his arms off one afternoon.
Is Montez bitter?  Hell no!  He just keeps at his gig, steady rockin' "Empdas" advertisement to the
good people of the Sixth Borough.  Chees flavor is good, Beer Empdas are even better, but the
Chic Empdas are the best - they come dressed in Prada heels and designer jeans, but like, wearing some cool
vintage shirt that they just threw on out of their boyfriend's hamper.


  1. His eyes show his true feelings. Sure he goes on daily about his business. But his eyes betray his superficial emotions. There is bitterness, bitterness building up, boiling about, and bubbling within. Soon Parfenix. Soon your time will come.


    1. I could not resist the melange of yellow and green florescent oaktag, soot, and mold.

    2. Well, when you put it like that. It's totally justifiable!

  2. Montez is a straight up slammingly good person. Straight up son!

    1. No joke, I have actually used that phrase in day to day convo.