Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Blue Kills Park

Blue Kills Park is a great place.  Made up of Christmas Trees, Redwoods, and Treehouse People.
Half enchanted-forest, half landfill.  Everything you'd want.  Lots of retired leprechauns and
sewer alligators that walk on their hind legs.  Home of reputed 6th Borough bad guy, the
Green Pumpkin and his tagging crew, the B6 Bonkers, or the B6B.  Blue Kills is the divider
of the last two sections of Z - the South: where we chill, and the North: where the Candy
Factory keeps a fence up around itself so it won't drop into the void of the random ideas
going at it in the mists of the most top.  Remember: the Candy Factory has its Vapors.
It's when the Vapors start getting down with the Mists that the North goes solid and
produces something weird that sticks around for a while and makes things interesting.
The Treehouse People are nice: they look like ordinary Treehouses.  If you're lucky enough to
befriend a Treehouse Person, they might let you spend the night inside them, but be careful not
to hurt their feelings, and let them know you're not looking for a serious relationship.

Other Park-Dwellers like to live in huts they scoop out of the hills.
Don't be shocked to see an Alligator living with a leprechaun in a hill house.  They make
fantastic roommate for some reason.

My therapist, Bill the Snowman, has several escape routes in his fridge that bleed out into the
Park.  This is one of them.  Sometimes Bill does his comedy act in the park for the critters that are willing
(insane enough) to cough up the 10 dollar cover charge.  Oh, and the 2-snowcone minimum.
Bill's a funny guy, don't get me wrong, but his comedy is too high concept.  Once he just sat there
and did his taxes.  That was his act.  The Hawks started circling, the snow-leopards were glaring.
The squirrels were laughing their asses off, but they'll laugh at anything.
I mean, I get what Bill was saying, it's funny, but it's not laugh-out-loud funny.
The original site of the candy factory.

View of Blue Kills from the North.
Early Green Pumpkin Sticker.