Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Z-CAT Broadcast Capabilities

Z-CAT broadcasts from a tower on TOP of the Candy Factory, using an old analog signal.  Z-Cat is not sanctioned by the FCC, the FDA, or the NBA.  
In order to tune in to the show, you need to rig up an old TV set and stick a wad of paper in the channel changer so that it rests between channel 6 and channel 7.  
For best tuning, order your Frankie’s apartment fork and aluminum foil antenna today.  
Still only 35¢!

But, Z-Cat is also the by-hook-or-by-crook distribution technique that has been employed by the Frankie’s Apartment Neighborhood News Team for the last 11 years.  In addition to entertaining the kids of Zaghaven, we’ve also striven to be on as many cable access channels that we could trick into taking our VHS tapes and running them at 6 in the AM (same as Captain Kangaroo).  Through a carefully woven lattice of fans and accomplices (including LIRR conductors, paperboys as far North as Montreal, and junk dealers in southern Pennsylvania) 
we’ve been on no less than 57 stations in 11 years.  
Sometimes we’ve been on the air once, sometimes for years.  
In the case of our Long Island affiliate, WLIN, we had it going for almost 7 years.  
We were still delivering tapes to the station, six months after they’d shut down.