Friday, May 3, 2013

Albertson Sugar Bowl

This place might have sold candy and soda in the past but they sure don't anymore.  Now, it is a sad and
wretched cesspool of gambling and cigarette smoking.  I have no idea how it is possibly still open.
I'm sort of glad that it is, but I hated it so much that if I was Drew Barrymore in Firestarter there would
have been no way for me to tell my flame-powers to "Back Off, Just Back Off."
Some old guy that runs it was literally smoking two cigarettes at once.  They have three TV screens for
keno, a bunch of duct taped stools, and wads of old lotto tickets all over the floor.  There are no
refrigerator units for drinks, no newspapers, and one old candy rack that is almost completely empty
but for a few packs of life savers from the 70's.  Of course, I wanted these, but old Smoke-Ears wouldn't
sell them to me.  In the end, just as we had our feet out the door, he said in a calm voice, "Get out."