Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Time Jag

The Time Jag in the Sixth Borough dates back to the NY Blackout of ’77.  A Candy Factory blunder upset the currents, and thru the grid for a loop.  Most of the city experienced power outage, but the Sixth took the brunt of the Time Freeze.  Almost 2 days, Time made like a table and stood still.  We recovered fine, but there are continuing ripples of time weirdness.  It’s not so bad, really.  You could be chatting in Zaghaven — and then your buddy just freezes up.  He’ll come back, but he’ll be 10 seconds younger than you.  You might go further back than him on Sunday when you throw igloos with a meatball almost in your moth.  Your fork just hangs there, your mouth can taste it — but you couldn’t move if you were Superman himself.  Point is, sometimes we all jag together and sometimes it’s like a half and half deal.  Like here — the clouds in the sky keep zipping along but the water stops flowing, the breeze goes dry, and Mrs. Sundri’s important point just has to wait about 47 seconds to come galloping out of her mouth.  She was just gossiping about the new couple that moved in next door to her.  ”A couple of no-good dirty hipsters,” she finally will say.