Thursday, May 30, 2013

Air Shaft

The Air Shaft on top of the Metro Mall in Middle Village Queens is a great listener.
If I ever have a problem that I don't feel comfortable talking to my therapist about, I come to see
Sanderson the Airshaft.  My therapist, Bill,  the Snowman that lives in my fridge, usually has
tons of great advice, but when I actually start bitching about him (e.g. how he's a big ham, or
a mic hog when we do karaoke, or just plain cold-hearted) he doesn't know how to handle it.
It's called PROFESSIONALISM, Bill.  You're my therapist.  You're supposed to help me with all
my problems, even when you're my problem.  The other thing I like about Sanderson is that
he smells like hot-dogs, cause he's helping to keep the Mall's Nathans franchise well
ventilated.  Lets all give it up to Sanderson!
Bill and Me.


  1. SO is the Shlog back and running or what?

    I know Sanderson. I used to go there back when Pergament and Caldor were still in business.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. It all depends on how you look at things. In my mind, the Shlog has been going for 10 years. You don't wanna ask Frankie how long the Shlog's been going... He'll respond with another one of those Sci-Fi novels.

  2. I refuse to partake in karaoke anymore. Not ever since Mr. Parfenix sang the theme to "The Odd Couple" (a song without lyrics), except that it sounded more like an even shittier rendition of "Bela Legosi is Dead".
    Never again.