Thursday, May 30, 2013

Air Shaft

The Air Shaft on top of the Metro Mall in Middle Village Queens is a great listener.
If I ever have a problem that I don't feel comfortable talking to my therapist about, I come to see
Sanderson the Airshaft.  My therapist, Bill,  the Snowman that lives in my fridge, usually has
tons of great advice, but when I actually start bitching about him (e.g. how he's a big ham, or
a mic hog when we do karaoke, or just plain cold-hearted) he doesn't know how to handle it.
It's called PROFESSIONALISM, Bill.  You're my therapist.  You're supposed to help me with all
my problems, even when you're my problem.  The other thing I like about Sanderson is that
he smells like hot-dogs, cause he's helping to keep the Mall's Nathans franchise well
ventilated.  Lets all give it up to Sanderson!
Bill and Me.