Tuesday, April 30, 2013

SF: Zoot Suit Sale!

New Colors Fashion

Sparkle Paint on the Address.

Mike's Fashi

I'm not sure when Mike's Fashion became Mike's Fashi but it's a way better name.
And after you buy your BVD at Mike's, please be sure to enjoy the most slamming Pink Lady you'll ever
sip at Bruno's, right next door.

SF: Donuts and Chinese Food

Gimme a Chocolate Glaze and some Chicken With Broccoli.  Brown Rice.

Props to J. Georgie for bringing the Sixth Borough to SF.

SF Chinatown: Roof

SF Chinatown: Hong Kong Souvenirs

SF Chinatown: Golden Star RADIO

SF Chinatown: Fireworks

Especially: Font

SF Chinatown: Eastern Bakery

Chop Suey

Dick Young Apartments

Grand Jewelry Co.

SF: Bumpers Arcade became Bonkers Arcade and then CLOSED

Bumpers. French Quarter, 2nd Floor Style.  Outskirts of Chinatown.

Changed ownership and became BONKERS at some point.
It used to say VIDEO ARCADE and some other jazz underneath the Bonkers logo but they spray-
painted over that stuff.

Killer logo, still.

Kite Store, SF

Monday, April 29, 2013

Breaking News: Pineapple Chicken Is A New Special!

Disgustingly delicious and reasonably priced!

Another Useful Triangle

Triangles have been known to have many great uses.
Though I never knew they could keep newspapers in place.
Genius. Again.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Frankie!

Jeff's Birthday Present for Frankie wrapped in crummy old comics.
I know you can't tell, but the box is as big as a refrigerator.
Happy Birthday to my pal Frankie!

Frankie's Birthday Present From Mr. Parfenix

Frankie just opened his Birthday Present Archie's from Mr. Parfenix.
I asked Mr. P where he got them.
"From the back of a truck, I mean, from a catalog".

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Friday, April 26, 2013

DVD Enthusiast

With Netflix, On-Demand, iTunes and not to mention the Bargain Bins,
DVD's really seem to be on the way out these days.
Not So! says David Victor Davis who's a big time DVD enthusiast.
"You can always juggle them", he proclaims.
Sounds like the perfect thing to juggle to me.

Dick Tag #743

Yet another "Dick" tag.
This guy really gets around.

Weight Loss Candy & Chewing Gum

This is definitely the Diet for us!
I noticed some extra neck chubbiness on Mr. Parfenix,
so I asked him if he wanted to join me & Frankie on our bubble-gum & gummy worm diets.
He screamed at me, "I don't chew gum... and I'm not fat!".

Ok, have it your way Pigeon Man.
To quote Mr. P himself, "Denial is a river in Egypt".

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I Hate People But I love to Talk. What's a Ghost to do.

I don't like idiots and guttersnipes. This unfortunately accounts for most people. Therefore, 
wherein, I find comfort in friends I can really talk to. Ones who don't give me any back chat. 

18th Ave. Auto Body SIGN to become a HIT TELEVISION SHOW on NETFLIX!

There the sign hung.  For years.  Rain, Sun, Snow.  No words to help it advertise the Auto Body Shop.
But still: The Auto Body Shop thrived.
Well, it didn't thrive, but it did OK.
Actually, it closed in 2008.
But the sign still hangs as a testament to the Shop's ultimate failure.

Enter a young TV writer.  Well, actually he wasn't that young, and he never wrote anything in his life.
He might have watched a ton of TV, but he never had anything to do with the business.  Still, he
had an idea... for a show... based on the sign.  A drunken night in a Los Angeles bar, well it
wasn't a bar, it was a diner, but he was drinking beers with his friend (who was paying) and as he
described the idea a young agent (mailroom kid) overheard it.  Well, actually, the mailroom kid
was the TV writer's friend who was paying for the beers.  The Writer begged him to pitch it to his boss.
The Young Agent pitched it, and... there was a bidding war for the new show.
Netflix verse Hulu Plus to the death.  Actually, Hulu Plus was never interested.
BUT... Netflix bought the idea without even seeing the sign.
There are three characters in the show and no dialogue.  I am pumped to see
this thing.  Well, I'm not really pumped.  But I might watch it.

The Doctor, like Jack on Lost.  And like Quincy on Quincy.

The Yellow Computer, Belinda.  She might be outdated, but she's still yellow.

And Benny, the Volkswagon.  Actually, he's a baby volkswagon.  He can't even turn left yet.


SNEAK PEEK at the new Netflix Series!!!!!

CHALK: Ice Cream Sandwich Made Of Chalk

Listen To Eery Dream by Roger Roger.


Tower Part

The top part of some sort of tin playset toy, probably for a train.  Maybe Rapunzel's tower.