Thursday, April 11, 2013

Halloween Crew

Even when he was a kid, Sudsy wanted to be a ghost.
He wasn't so fussy then either.  Who cut those holes in his sheet?  Charlie Brown?

Back in the day, Sudsy used to be the "funky" one.  He wore screwball ties and walked around
trying to talk jive with guys on the street.  He'd bop around with his Transistor radio, listening
to WBLS.  Here's a ghost that WOULD NOT let go of disco.

Pillow on the floor?  The young Sudsy didn't care!  Let the chips fall where they may!
What if someone wants to nap on the carpet?  There's a pillow already down there for them.

One of Sudsy's best friends growing up was the devil.  The Devil thinks Sudsy has changed a lot over the
years, but they still talk on the phone once in awhile.  The Devil is very proud of Sudsy for being such a
prick now but he doesn't really like to go out to nightclubs with him anymore.  Apparently, Sudsy's
not as fun as he used to be.  Well, you could have fooled me.  The other day he hit me on the
head with a frying pan and said, "Look what you did to my pan!  There's blood on it!"

The kid in the center was dressed as "Coil Man".  He was easily the worst superhero ever.
He could sort of coil himself up and spring into action.
I asked Sudsy what happened to him and Sudsy scoffed,
"I'm in the clear of that one! "
"What one?" I asked.
"There's that double jeopardy rule you snotrag!"
"Double Jeopardy?"
"Stop interrogating me!  That lawyer tried all the  same tricks you're trying now and they didn't
work at the time of the trial so they're not going to work here!  And I don't want to
talk about how that same lawyer turned up dead in the Gowanus Canal several years later.
I had nothing to do with it!"