Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hand-Painted Drooling Handicapped Symbol


  1. I wanna say this sign is not very PC.

    1. Personal Computers are so early oughts.

    2. Yo Rubbish watch out for the Spellcops.

      Oughts is spelled Aughts, you ought to know that.

      You should also watch out for the Smellcops because your breath is straight up on some
      Storm Shadow shit right now (kickin').

      You should ask Mr. Parfenix his secret for hiding stinky breath. Um, wait, no you shouldn't, you should ask me, he DEFINITELY forgot. He just lets the rest of his body stink so bad that it fucks you up real quick -- you think he didn't when he did -- and then he gets you drunk so it doesn't matter if he's singing some hilarious reggae song in duet with the strange smoggy breath-monster that is his breath. Yes, his breath-monster is a Jamaican guy. Yes, he's fun and full of wisdom and he plays great dub bass (at least it's a lot better that when Mr. P plays bass.) When Mr. P plays bass it's more like he's playing baseball. He just swings it in the air and counts off Deedee Ramone style.

  2. PC's are a thing of the past (THE INTERNET IS A PASSING FAD), but I meant PC as in politically correct.

    Speaking of Jamaican music I heard a cool track the other day.

  3. E.T. as an old dude?