Friday, April 12, 2013

Inflatable Beach Ball

Respect ITEM #10602!


  1. 1. Props on this post. Spectacular.
    2. Props to Lou Greenberg and his kid.
    3. Seriously, props on this post.
    4. Wait. This post looks familiar.
    5. I've already blogged this image.
    6. That beachball drawing deserves re-blogging.
    7. Props on the caption. I don't think I even put a joke in mine.
    8. Does a re-blog fall under the jurisdiction of the Syntax Police?

  2. Is it also deflatable?

    1. It's actually ranked #1 on Beach Ball Monthly's Deflatable List.

    2. You guys are kidding around, but when a product is made for multiple use, the ability to inflate, deflate, and inflate again is crucial.
      That's where quality products really shine.
      You can probably buy a beach ball from the 99 cent store and it will last the one time, if you are lucky.
      You can buy a good beach ball from a quality company and it will probably last several summers.
      It needs to be able to inflate, hold air (at pressure) and be tossed around, all while being beaten on by the summer sun and bashing around in salt water mist. It should also be able to retain its color and round shape. Also the seams should also remain intact. Then deflated and stored for the cold months. Stored in musty basements and dusty attics, with little amounts of acidic spittle that worked their way in while the ball was being inflated and taking shape.
      -A good beach ball may be hard to find now a days.

    3. For an extreme example consider this, I can sell a balloon in the same color scheme as a beach ball, but it will only inflate the one time. If it were to be deflated, it would lose its shape and form. Also the thin rubber membrane that a balloon is made up off can only "cycle" a few times (if that) before it is completely ruined. So if I did sell a beach ball balloon I would make sure to specify on the packaging that it is NOT deflatable.
      One is temporary, the other (if manufactured to high standards) can be a keepsake!

      I will contact Louis Greenberg or his sons, and see if they are interested in going into business making heirloom quality inflatables. I'm sure there is a niche market for such kitsch.

    4. But this Beach Ball is 20 High!