Thursday, April 18, 2013

Squirrels Are Envious Critters

Sneaking Beauregard is just about smash his unknowing brother's head in.
Not because he wanted his peanut, which Joseph's been calling "Ma-Ma" since he found it.
Beauregard's been admiring & coveting Joey's hat for like 2 years now
and he just couldn't live without any longer.
Don't let a squirrel get too close to your flyest accessories. Not even if he's your brother!


  1. How tragic. You can tell Joey is in love with the peanut, the hat, or both. Look at his eyes, you can tell he's enamored! Look at Beauredards eyes, all glassy and souless, with a slight film buildup. He knows what he is doing, he has no regrets. It's not even about the hat anymore.

  2. Here's squirrel with a lovely red vest and he cant help but go for the hat. The grass is always greener.