Thursday, April 11, 2013

Skeeball Ticket + Professor Pizzaroni

One of the lost nooks of the Sixth is our amusement park, Black Hole Pizza Fun Room.
It might look like an ordinary Pizzeria on the outside, but inside it's all pizza all the time.
As in Pizza Mountains and Pizza People and Flying Pizzas.  If you can find your way to the
back there's a Pizza Space Shuttle that blasts off to the Pizza Moon.  Don't miss the
gondola ride down the Melted Mozzarella River and remember to be careful not
to let anyone pepperoni you to death.  Best thing about Black Hole Pizza Fun Room is
that they honor any and all skeeball tickets AND/OR arcade tokens from anywhere, anytime.
One of our new Reporters, Professor Pizzaroni, used to work at Black Hole Pizza Fun Room
but he was boring the kids by making them play school instead of going pizza sledding or pizza
hang-gliding or (my favorite) listening to pizza music.  Imagine being forced to listen to
some giant pizza guy read you excerpts from Malcolm Lowry's book "Under The Volcano".
They had to let Pizzaroni go because he wouldn't give parents back their kids until they'd written
a 10-page book report on Lowry's drivel.  Pizzaroni and me don't really see eye to eye on
literature.  I think it must have something to do with him reading the "pizza versions" of
all these books, while I just read the Cliff Notes.
A sneak peek at Professor Pizzaroni.  His mortarboard (graduation cap) is out getting a tune-up.