Friday, April 19, 2013

Michael Schools is Computer-Head

Remember the drummer from Spinal Tap?  He kept exploding or dying.  Well, trying to cast
Computer-Head has been a similar experience.  At first, our old intern was supposed to play it,
but the part wasn't really right for him, and he was sort of doing it as a favor, but really,
he's got his own stuff going on.  Then we tried to cast this lanky snowboarder, but he
wasn't really an actor, and he didn't really wanna do it either.  He had a great "dude" voice,
and had the right Computer-Head type spirit, but it didn't work.  Both Jeff and I considered
doing it, but I never saw Computer-Head as being quite so lumpy.  Besides that, I didn't
really want anyone to do a "voice" for him, I just wanted to cast a person who would
naturally gel in.  Enter Michael Schools.
We've known Schools for 8 or so years, he's a professional breakdancer and an all-around b-boy.
He's excellent, he's old school, and he's mad ready-to-go.

The above track, Woodpecker From Space, is borderline awful, but there's still something there.