Saturday, April 20, 2013

Delores Grinding Truck

The Delores Grinding Truck comes around Zaghaven 
once a week to sharpen (or grind?) all of your blades.
Lawnmowers, hedge-clippers , ice skates, axes.
You know, all those tools that are so useful in urban NYC.

Mr. Delores (in the baseball hat) was just reading the Daily News, but got nervous
when he saw snapping photos, so he went into hiding.

Apparently grinding is mysterious business.
Chop Chop Chop



  2. 1. I get scared when I see snapping photos too. They are almost as scary as snapping piranhas or people in gangs who snap their fingers like in West Side Story.
    2. Um, I think his name is Del Re. D. Del Re. He must be a doctor.
    3. Anyway, the good doctor does a great job sharpening toothbrushes as well.
    4. Everyone in the apt carries some kind of shiv to protect themselves from Sudsy. I got a toothbrush one, Rubbish carries one made out one of those wooden paddles they give you in the bodega to eat ice with, Mr. Parfenix has one made out a straw-wrapper (not effective), the other side of Bill's carrot is sharpened like an Ice pick, all he has to do is pop it out of his head, and Computer-Head just carries a shard of a broken record, that record being an old Sugar Hill 12 inch.

    1. But what do you stab if he's a ghost?

      I tried to carry a razor blade in my mouth, but it didn't work all too well.
      I ended up sneezing and cut up my mouth something awful. gashed my gums, tongue, and the inside of my cheeks. At first I thought I had just scraped the inside, but then the warm, trickle of blood started oozing its way around. Creeping and flowing into every void and nook of my mouth. Similar to when ink is spilled on a napkin, the thin viscous liquid flows and flows and it was everywhere in my mouth, I fished the razor out of my mouth, which was filling with an emulsion of saliva and warm blood. I was looking for a suitable place to spit.... And then I sneezed again!