Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Frankie's Apartment Cartoon Crew

Please click the Gif to see it at 1920 x 1080!

This is the first look at the Frankie's Apartment Cartoon Designs by Flatbush Brown and Jeff Roberts! Colors are all done using Felt Fills!  Stay Tuned for more Frankie's Apartment Cartoon Crew stuff! The Frankie's Apartment Cartoon Crew is brought to you by Frankie's Apartment and the Sixth Borough Public Access Workshop!


1. Computer-Head
2. Professor Pizzaroni
3. Sudsy
4. Mr. Parfenix
5. Melia
6. Rubbish
7. Frankie
8. Bill the Snowman
9. Luca
Close-Up Gif so you can see the FELTS.



Frankie with Krinkle Cut Eyebrows.

Luca Da Gawd aka Romello aka Lumpdawgs

Melia.  Her cookbook, Modern Mediterranean, is on sale now!

Mr. P.

Prof Pizzaroni.