Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Frankie's Apartment: The Twitter Show

We've been kicking this idea around for awhile, so here's a trial post.  Most of this edit is as it appeared live on Twitter, but I've also edited in Tweets from people we follow, just to add a little kick into the flow.

I follow a girl named Gianna who just graduated high school out of Maryland. It is my firm belief that she uses Twitter in the most perfect way possible. Comedians are in there scrapping away, coming up with funny stuff - but I think she is funnier, and has integrated it into her life in a natural and positive way.

Bill follows Dr. Phil. I don't know anything about Phil. From his face he looks like he could be one of the worst guys on the planet.

Computer-Head follows Michelle Trachtenberg. She comes in a close second to Gianna.

We all follow our friend, this writer-guy named Zach Baron, who will sometimes tell you about something funny that Funkmaster Flex is saying on the radio.

And now... Frankie's Apartment... on Twitter.