Friday, June 22, 2012

Hello Kitty Sunglasses

Ever since I was in high school, the 7 train line in New York City has been like a black market for bootleg merchandise and cheap candy sold past the expiration date. Most of the dealers are Asian ladies with tricked out little shopping carts, but some of them are men, and more recently I've bought chalky Reese's Peanut Butter Cups from 13-year-old kid duos - partners that drag a milkcrate attached to a string to the center of the car, then split up and hit either end with their sales pitch. An old friend of mine, Boi Young, was Korean herself, and she told me that all of these dealers were Korean, and most of them operated out of the same Warehouse hub out in Flushing, Queens, where the last stop on the 7 train is the all-powerful MAIN STREET.  It's sort of like Korean Times Square.

Anyway, I bought these Hello Kitty Sunglasses from an old lady the other day, at around 74th street.  She also had light-up Selena Gomez magic wands, bootleg DVD's of the newest Madagascar movie, which I think is III, king-size Peanut M&M's, some kind of back massager shaped like Spongebob, and a plethora of funny umbrellas.

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