Tuesday, June 5, 2012

People In My Neighborhood: Roger (At the Gate of the Western Boundary)

My friend Roger works for Sure-Seal Construction.  He usually does road work but today this was him
blocking me from a new fence built up to keep us from journeying into the neighborhood
beyond the Western Boundary.  Apparently, the person who imagines that neighborhood has
disappeared.  And the entire neighborhood has disappeared along with them.
Sounds like a plot!  Well - we here at Frankie's Apartment are very scared of plots,
so this might be the last you hear about this situation.

Roger let me peek over the fence.  There are a few stragglers left, trying to rebuild the community,
but mostly any one still beyond the Western Boundary is only there to rave in the old, empty
Karl Ehmer Quality Meats Warehouse.  The old Imaginer, left an old CD-compilation of 90's techno.
(filled with stuff like L.A. Style's "James Brown Is Dead" and "Jump" by The Movement.