Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Panorama at the Queens Museum

The Panorama at the Queens Museum is one of those near-perfect things - a 3 dimensional map-model of New York City.  If you went to grade school in New York, you most likely visited it as a child, and it exists in your mind as some strange dream that you find your brain referring to as you travel to odd parts of our city.  The only problem with the Panorama is that it makes no mention of the city's long forgotten 6th borough.  

Some people say that the 6th borough actually exists in a dimensional rift between Brooklyn
and Queens.  Some say it's underground - and that the sky in the 6th is really just a hyper-
realistic painting on the cavern ceilings (that's why it's pink).
Others think #6 is floating in a cloud-bank over The Bronx.
Fans of the dream-theory say you gotta be asleep to be there.
Old-timers are firm in their belief: the 6th is there, you just can't see it if you
ain't 6th.  It's there in the Panorama even.  Most people's eyes just can't tune in to it.  

Lower Manhattan.

The Twin Towers still stand.

Central Park.  That's the Met in the upper middle part of the park.  To the lower right, the Museum of
Natural History.

Roosevelt Island used to be called Welfare Island.  There's the Citicorp building in LIC in the upper
right hand corner.

There's a plane on wires that is forever taking off and landing at LaGuardia Airport.

Aqueduct Racetrack