Friday, October 26, 2012

The Senior Bowling League at Melody Lanes

That's Burt, Dan, Me (I was standing in for their missing teammate Regina), Marge, and Betty.
A swell group and a bunch of fine bowlers.  
Melody Lanes is open all the time in Sunset Park, BK.
The Senior League is always looking for more players.

It wasn't too crowded on Thursday.
The team.  
The scorecard and the Snack Bar menu.  They have fried raviolis! 

When we told Marge we were gonna put the footage and photos we took of them on the internet,
she said, "You gotta be kidding!"

Burt, who seemed to have excellent concentration, rolls.

Betty prepares.
Burt and Dan keeping score.

One of Burt's strikes.

I'm laughing because Dan said, "We don't play with kids."


Sign of the Day.