Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sudsy Shoot

UPDATE: Rubbish James just commented on this post, saying that it should really be named, "Shoot Sudsy".  A good point, Rubs.

Not only is Sudsy the ghost a fickle character, so is the actor who plays him.
When it didn't feel right having Sudsy wear a cowboy hat and pretend to ride a horse --
-- Matthew Dipple, the actor who plays Sudsy, evaporated out of the costume and threatened to
quit the shlog.  I guess fake horsey riding is pretty Acting 101.
This is Matthew Dipple, a half hour later, after a "wet ham" sandwich and some shaken Pepto Bismol on ice.
I apologized perfusely and he eventually deemed to forget about it (he wouldn't accept the apology).
Here he is throwing Stanislavky's and mulling over the choices he needed to make for the next
Sudsy scene: Sudsy wears a bow-tie.