Friday, October 19, 2012

Sparky The Magic Clown

These old magic clowns gave out screen-printed postcards as their
business cards.  At first, I was attracted to Sparky's hair.
Then I liked that you could hire him to go on a picnic or even just to watch TV on your couch.
That's some serious magic clowning right there.
Then I liked Mrs. Gullet, Sparky's main lady - a chicken puppet.
My aunt said everybody liked Mrs. Gullet more than Sparky.
After years of flirting, Sparky and Mrs. Gullet finally tied the knot and lived happily ever after.

Sparky was famous for his rubber feet.  Everybody loved to smell them.

John Patch, the rabbit that lived in Sparky's hat, was bipolar but no one knew what that was back then.
Everybody in the magic clown community just thought he was an asshole.

It's genuinely difficult to figure out what a clown looks like without his make-up and costume.
Just like superheroes.  If he wasn't such a fussbudget, Batman would of made a good clown -
I mean, the whole "Bat" thing would of been like a good spooky Halloween clown.  He
could do yo-yo tricks and acrobatics.  Come up with a more upbeat Batman tune.
He would've killed.