Monday, October 1, 2012

Tricycle City: Vehicles: Roger Cannon and his Kinder-Egg Jet-Ski

Roger Cannon is a real man.  Well, no he's not.  He's a plastic man that was hatched out of one of those
chocolate Kinder-Eggs that have a toy inside.  He was hatched full size (like Athena was out of Zeus's HEAD),
 along with his trusty Jet-Ski, which he treats like his dog (it does bark and pant and growl and drool).
He even plays fetch with it sometimes.  You can catch Roger every night in the kitchen sink performing
water stunts for all the forks and knives and spoons and plates lucky enough to have a birds eye view
of his act from our dish-rack.  Those poor saps that get scrubbed in the dishwasher can only hear
the "ooh's and ahh's".