Monday, October 1, 2012

Tricycle City: Vehicles: Spaceship Blue and Spaceship Red

Blue is an old Superman Spaceship - the most unnecessary spaceship in the history of spaceships.
Superman doesn't need a spaceship!  This spaceship has two fists that pop out of its front so that Superman
can punch asteroids and other spaceships.  This particular Spaceship is often seen as being
very depressed.  Sure, he floats around the rafters like the other spaceships but he's always
down on his luck, with extraordinary feelings of inadequacy - based on the fact that
Superman just doesn't need him.

Red is an old Voltron Spaceship.  Everyone knows about the Voltron that was formed out of 5 robot
lions but there was another Voltron that was formed out of 15 vehicles.  This spaceship went
on that Voltron's chest and was a symbol of his great power.  So compared to Blue, Red is an
over-confidant, super-happy braggart.  He's always talking about how great he is, and how
awesome it is to be part of Voltron.  I can't decide which one of these Spaceships I hate more.