Monday, October 1, 2012

Tricycle City: Vehicles: Entourage Hummer

Mr. Parfenix contaminated the ranks of the Tricycle City Toys when he rented out a garage to this mini
Entourage Hummer.  We all hate him because he's from HBO's Entourage - a show we totally hated
even though we watched every single episode!


  1. Well, you gotta give Entourage credit for one thing. The show got gradually worse with every episode. A "Slippery Slide of Diarrhea" as they call it in the industry (Sudsy told me that one)

    1. My favorite thing about Entourage was how they had that cool Leprechaun play Vince's manager/best friend.

    2. Mr. Parfenix is Frankie's Apartment token Leprechaun. I'd tell him this info, but he'd be too pleased by it.