Friday, October 19, 2012

Quacky Duck The Magical Balloon King

Quacky's business card is pretty new wave for a fifties clown.
Or duck clown. Whatever he is, the layout, colors, and print quality are
really something. If you look below you'll see that Quacky was
"The Clown that all youngsters look up to".
That was mostly because he was taller than them,
but he also taught "balloonology", which everyone knows is the
ONLY truly foolproof way to pick up chicks. 

Quacky's feet were made out of supremely high-quality leather.

Quacky's beak makes me feel uneasy in a Babylon 5 kind of way.

Quacky's best bud was Pete Puff - one of the balloons in his act.  Quacky was always nervous that
Pete was gonna upstage him, but Pete wasn't interested in going out on his own.  He was just a
balloon after all.  He couldn't move and he had an awful speech impediment.  Whenever
Quacky had his Snake-friends over for dinner, they always got cross with Pete because they thought
he was making fun of their Snake accents.  


  1. Could never trust a clown. Why the need to mask ones face. Our faces communicate more about us than our speech ever could, yet these "clowns" choose to mask it, hide it, and in turn they hide their feeling, their emotions, their true intentions.
    Quacky knocked it up a couple of notches and incorporated a duck in his act AND balloonology. If only Pete Puff were still around to share what really went down.

  2. Clowns & ducks? Uneasy friendships? Speech impediments? Snakes over for dinner? Sounds like our show... Maybe Quacky has a time travel device like he's Looper and he's coming back to merk Sudsy and Parfenix with one of those blunderbusses.