Friday, October 5, 2012

NEWS FLASH: Navy Sailor On Leave Sits On The Easter Bunny's Lap But The Easter Bunny Is A CLOWN

I collect Easter Bunny photos.  Who doesn't?  This one is vying for weirdest in my collection.
1. Easter B is more of a clown here.
2. The kid is weird.
3. The kid is a sailor.
4. The kid must be a real sailor, because that uniform he's wearing looks legit!
5. Easter Bunny's gloves - they just look like SACKS - there are no finger slots.
6. Those number tags hanging from the side of the Easter Bunny's chair.  What could those be for??
7. I know I said that the Easter B is more of clown here, but I think his clown-collar deserves a number on
this list that's all it's own - because it is the STAR of this photo.