Friday, October 5, 2012

NEWS FLASH: Navy Sailor On Leave Sits On The Easter Bunny's Lap But The Easter Bunny Is A CLOWN

I collect Easter Bunny photos.  Who doesn't?  This one is vying for weirdest in my collection.
1. Easter B is more of a clown here.
2. The kid is weird.
3. The kid is a sailor.
4. The kid must be a real sailor, because that uniform he's wearing looks legit!
5. Easter Bunny's gloves - they just look like SACKS - there are no finger slots.
6. Those number tags hanging from the side of the Easter Bunny's chair.  What could those be for??
7. I know I said that the Easter B is more of clown here, but I think his clown-collar deserves a number on
this list that's all it's own - because it is the STAR of this photo.

1 comment:

  1. Kid is more creepy to me than weird, this kid IS a sailor - yup! The sacks the clown-bunny is wearing is the same setup mothers put on their infants so they wont scratch their face with their soft yet sharp nails.
    The number tags are for the number of eggs found on the scavenger hunt. I'm not sure how many eggs this lil sailor found.
    Clown rabbit collar is disturbing