Monday, October 29, 2012

INTERN DIARY: October 13th, 2012

THE STORY SO FAR:  Luca, my intern, is a skateboarder from Astoria, Queens.  He's 17 years old and goes to Essex Street Academy in the LES. A little over a month ago, he busted his leg and has been sending me text updates to his diary for the shlog.  One side, William Safire.

Alavell.  Luca had to give him a dollar to take his picture.


  1. I knew I smelled a missing dollar!!! We should check Luca's pockets right before he leaves apt from now on.

  2. I swear it was only my lunch money

    1. I'm telling ya kid, this is from years of experience: LAY OFF THE ONE DOLLAR PIZZA JOINTS!!! It'll haunt you in the end.