Monday, October 1, 2012

Tricycle City: Vehicles: Taco Truck

In honor of Pecos Bill's Auto Body Shop, I'm giving some of the toy vehicles that live in my walls some shine today.  Remember, there's a web of apartments and garages in the walls of my apartment building, and it's called Tricycle City.  It's like what the Doozers were to the Fraggles.  Or maybe it's more like what the Fraggles were to us.  Doesn't matter.

Oh the joy I feel when something that wasn't a "thing" becomes a "thing".  20 years in New York, a Taco
Truck was not a thing.  They didn't have 'em.  Then, in the later 90's you started seeing them.  And
now street tacos are pretty common.  But they're so common that they made a toy of one!
This one lives in my walls and likes to come out around lunch-time and park near my SCI-FI BOOKS,
on my northwestern bookshelf.  If you know Sci-fi books, you know they love Mexican Food.
This truck cleans up.

Sure, I like the tacos myself.  But they're so small (and delicious) that I wind up eating --
this is an estimation -- about 4000 of them.  Just to feel satisfied.