Monday, October 1, 2012

Tricycle City: Vehicles: Ken's Moonwalk Sneakers

Probably the most basic form of Transport: Sneakers.  Now everybody knows that when you put on a pair
of kicks they enhance your physical prowess.  They make you jump high, run faster, and even think better.
This particular pair of sneakers was an expert at moonwalking - the old Michael Jackson move that became
a breakdancing uprock staple.  Which was great so long as Ken -- (so what if I have a Ken? I might have three
Kens.) -- so long as Ken actually wanted to moonwalk.  But Ken didn't want to moonwalk all the time.  He
wanted to go to Barbie's dreamhouse and go see Barbie and the Rockers play, and sometimes he wanted to
just kick back and watch the Jem cartoon on TV while hanging out with the other Kens.
That's when there were problems - the Moonwalk Sneakers felt under-appreciated.  Eventually, Ken and the
Moonwalk Sneakers decided to go their separate ways.  The Moonwalk sneakers got half of Ken's
assets in the divorce.  Good for them!  Now they can be seen Moonwalking all by themselves, all over
my globe collection.  I have an Earth Globe, and a Mars Globe, and a Saturn Bank, and even a
Planet Mongo Globe (from Flash Gordon).  If you're lucky though, you might see the ultimate
in toy synergy when the Sneakers moonwalk on my MOON GLOBE.
Yes of course my Moon Globe is made
by Replogle - the number one globe-maker in the world!!!