Sunday, October 28, 2012

New Balance Bootlegs at NWL

NWL, or National Wholesale Liquidators, are the kings of close-out.  They've got everything.  From 70's Spraypaint to cheese-cracker brands you've never heard of and well past the expiration date, NWL has something for everybody be they a cat or a horse.

Today's NWL special is a fine pair of New Balance cross-trainers.  Oh wait, that's not an "N", it's an A and a slanted line with a line connecting it back to the A.  Maybe that's not an A.  I don't know what that is.  

It's a little bit like the Flux Capacitor.  Whatever it is, I couldn't get the florescent light out out of my eyes
for two days.  This symbol is burned into my retina.
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