Thursday, October 11, 2012

Frankie's Apartment Building

What do we really know about Frankie's Apartment Building?
1. It's not Frankie's building, it's Mr. Parfenix's building.
2. It looks like the building above, and usually sits on this plot of land, but no matter how often we try
to lock it down, it up and changes it's facade, grows a few stories, and moves down the block.
3. There is a lot of confusion concerning it's location.  Some people think Frankie lives in downtown
Manhattan.  Not so.  Others think they've got it when they say western Queens or North Brooklyn.
They're crazy.  The building is most often located in the nearly forgotten SIXTH BOROUGH of
New York City.
4. The 6th Borough, seeing as it's been forgotten, is not high in confidence.  It's not altogether
nice, although it does harken back to an older style of etiquette. It's got old school class, but is also
kind of falling apart.  It's also very difficult to get to.  Two subways, a bus, an escalator, and a trolley
just get you to the water-slide that that leads to the main tunnel.
5. Frankie's Building and the 6th Borough, both being intelligent beings, have a sort of Sam and
Diane "thing" going.
6. The fact that the 6th Borough and Frankie's Building have a thing makes Mr. Parfenix VERY
jealous because he and the building have basically been married for 40 years.
7. The cable company that services the 6th Borough sucks.  We think Computer-Head
runs it from inside one of Frankie's closets.
8. The Sixth Borough has even forgotten its own name.