Monday, October 1, 2012

Tricycle City: Vehicles: Shortdog

Full size school-buses are cool but everyone knows that the smaller, half-size ones are much cooler.
When I was on the Math Team, we'd take one of these "Shortdogs" to go to meets in Queens and
beyond.  Well if these smaller school-buses are cool, this tiny version must me the coolest.
Most of this Shortdog's work consists of hauling around an insanely robust crew of HO scale
model railroad Octogenarians - that's teeny tiny plastic people that are in their 80's.  The Shortdog will sometimes drive right onto my desk and let the Octos out to smell my
bad breath.  Then they get bored and drive to some Dunkin' Donuts they like that's in the
wall behind my upstairs bathroom.


  1. Where did you say this Dunkin' Donuts is again? I'd love a Cruller to dunk into this can of nice Turkey Gravy I swiped from Mr. Parfenix's cupboard.