Monday, October 1, 2012

Tricycle City: Vehicles: Monopoly Car

What self-respecting boy didn't want to be the Racecar when playing Monopoly?  Me!  I liked to be
the Thimble!  This particular Racecar is from my childhood set.  He ran away years ago when
he started questioning his faith. Just because he born into Monopoly, didn't mean that he believed in it.
To him, Monopoly was a joke - it wasn't like real life at all.  Going around and around that board
time and time again just wasn't for him.  The Top Hat said, "For Shame!"  The Ship envied his pluck,
but in it's heart, also thought the Racecar was wrong.  "We are born Monopoly pieces, we shall
play Monopoly FOREVER," said the Iron.  Only the Thimble, who felt rather motherly towards the
Racecar, wished him luck.  When I was just 7, The Racecar went away.  When my friends came over they
thought I was fool for having lost the best gamepiece in Monopoly. I tried to explain, but they pushed my
head into my wall-to-wall carpet and gave me a rug-burn on my cheeks.  I lost a lot of friends.
Imagine my surprise when I moved into my apartment now and realized that the Racecar had
taken a similar path to me and had rented a garage in the walls years before I got here.  Sure,
I was still angry with him, but my admiration for him had grown and in the end, we have lots
of the same views on politics, religion, and even pizza.  He's now coaching for
the miniature car races that take place in my living room on Friday Night after I've gone to bed.


  1. So Frankie and the Monopoly car have similar views on politics, religion, and Pizza... -Interesting.
    (strokes chin and squints eyes)

  2. Frankie always used to beat me at Monopoly back in the day. I used to take defeats like a gentleman, but after about 100 losses in a row, I adapted the Sore-Loser approach by flipping over the board and winging those little green houses at his head. Remember kids... Winning & Losing are almost the same thing!

    1. If you part my (naturally) curly hair you'll find no less that THREE of those little green Monopoly houses embedded in my SCALP. If they remove them, I won't die or anything like that, they'll just have to BREAK the HOUSES. Can't be having that. Besides, some really nice Head Lice live in the house now and we wouldn't want to put them out. Word is one of the Head Lice is opening a lovely little nightclub near my hairline. On Friday Nights the line of Lice on on my forehead is gonna go all the way to my nostrils.