Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sounds and Pictures

Hurricane Sandy is coming.  Here are some Sound Effects to get you more in the mood.

2nd Avenue in Manhattan.  It Could Almost Be The 70's.

Girl In Raincoat Photographs Fallen Tree Branch.

Last of the Water at the 9th Street Deli.

St. Mark's Place in Manhattan.

Weird Man Fights With Pink Umbrella While Crossing First Avenue.


  1. Frankie, while you're out, don't forget to get us:
    elbow macaroni, corned beef hash, Sunny Delight, the Dinty Moores, Kibbles n' Bits, italian sausages, breakfast sausages, sausage patties (the Jimmy Deans), Snausages (I always wanted to try them), Pizza Pringles, blueberry Eggos (not the White Rose brand, cheap!), Mrs. Butterworths, Hamburger-Helper, Tuna-Helper (for Bill), Sizzlean (if they still make it), Manwich, Cheetos AND Cheez Doodles (can't have one without the other), frozen White Castles (Mr. Parfenix just won't drop it), Hot-Pockets, Pop Tarts, a jelly role, kaiser rolls, those biscuits that come in a tube, variety of Pepperidge Farm, Ortega Taco pack, Ballpark franks, Beefsteak rye, Baboli, cantaloupe, smoked almonds, Oscar Meyers (whatever they got!), Devil Dogs, Little Debbie peanut butter wafers, Philly cream cheese, carton of Egg Nog, Lunchables, Lorna Doones and whatever else catches your fancy... There's some money in your wallet. (also, don't get anything for Sudsy)