Monday, October 22, 2012


Jerry is my favorite guy.  Sorry, Rubbish.  I don't get to see Jerry very often because he works at the Queens
Zoo in Flushing Meadow.  Officially, he works the information booth, but he doesn't really know much in the
way of Zoo-facts or directions to the snack bar or anything like that.  They hired Jerry because he looks
good.  And he should.  Ever since we met back in '03, Jerry's always gotten his hair did at this
Japanese Hair Salon on Madison Avenue.  He's always trying to make an appointment for me to go,
but I'm like, "Chill Jerry, I don't have 200 dollars to waste on a razor-cut and blow-dry every week."
Some Llamas are just slaves to fashion.  That muzzle/harness he's wearing is made by Tom Ford.
Let's not even talk about his shoes. When I do get to hang out with Jerry we usually go see
a foreign film up at Lincoln Center then eat Chinese over at Shun Lee.  Jerry's partial to the Moo
Goo Gai Pan, but I'm a Peking Duck man.  Jerry used to share with me but since his gig at the
Zoo, he won't even have a nibble seeing as his booth is right next tot he duck pond.  "They'd smell
it on my breath," he says longingly.