Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tricycle City: Lizard Guy Sees Big Elf Hat

Lizard Guy was walking.  He stopped because he saw a big hat.
"I've never seen such a nice hat," said the Lizard Guy.

The Lizard Guy tried to yell to the Elf who was wearing the hat, "I love your hat!" but the
Elf couldn't hear him.  She'd recently gone a little deaf from getting too many corrosive chemicals in her
ear canals when she'd bleach her hair.  She bleached it almost every other day, and she still
was bleaching it because even though the doctors said to stop she couldn't hear them anyway.


  1. Replies
    1. Well! My lovely wife has finally deemed us worthy of her internet presence! Welcome, my dear! Welcome to the MIGHTY SHLOG! (echoes.) Let me be the first to say that you've chosen a simply RAVISHING photo of yourself for your avatar. Hey remember when we saw Avatar and we thought it was good? That was weird.

      Anyhow, what are you doing leaving a comment? Is this some kind of secret code for something? I thought you were "afraid" of all my Shlog friends. I put afraid in quotes because you think you're too good for them!!

      Well... you are too good for Sudsy and you should be afraid of him.
      Same goes for Mr. Parfenix.
      And Rubbish for that matter.
      I guess Computer-Head is little hard to deal with too (Have you seen him, by the way?)

      I know you like Bill the Snowman because I found your EARMUFFS in the fridge the other day!
      Caught red-handed!!!

      I love you.

  2. I thought the comments section could use a feminine touch... that is unless Sudsy is secretly a woman under that sheet

    1. I never thought of Sudsy as male or female. More of an Asexual being. Not unlike what Micheal Jackson was becoming.


    2. If you wanna throw hashtags, get back on Instagram, Pecos!!!

    3. I am considering it. Or I might sign up for the twitter app Vine and upload a shaky 6 second video of my lunch.

    4. Come back to insteegramz
      We miss you.
      Insteegramz is dope.

  3. I've figured it out!
    Under Sudsy's sheet is..... NOTHING!
    He's a figment of our imaginations.
    Our self disgust and hatred had bubbled over to form an awful British Ghost.
    Now that we've admitted it and accepted the truth, it's time to move on and let the delusion disappear.
    Proceed feeling better about ourselves that we've destroyed the monster.
    Here Here!