Friday, February 15, 2013


This is where my friend Alice lives.
Alice is a parrot.  Her favorite nickname for me is Birdbrain.
She wears a red toupée because she's bald.  She had to got to a very special wigmaker to get such a small
toupée made out of feathers.

Most of our friendship is based on the fact that Alice used to date Mr, Parfenix -- my landlord who is
half pigeon/half man.  She's always telling me these funny stories about him.  At this point, she's mostly
repeating the same old stories -- but that's how everybody is.

She has a few dozen roommates, and some really amazing wallpaper.

This is Pamela, she runs the store For Birds Only and plays Canasta with Alice on Tuesday Nights.
EPILOGUE: This seems weird and futuristic to me.