Monday, February 11, 2013

Under-Appreciated Piñata Painting

I saw this excellent painting of a blindfolded guy covered in blood ready to let loose on a pinata
 at  California Taco, my 12th favorite restaurant in NY.
I really like that the artist gave the painting a red curtain border (like Frankie's curtain, Greg)
on the top of the painting. Plus I also enjoy the blurry trails of light from the stars.
Either the Art Judges define "Trash" as something awesome (like I do)
or they're lowering their standards on what deserves a "Trash Award" now.


  1. 1. Piñata murder is still murder even if the piñatas want to die. In Zaghaven, most piñatas are either on Ablixa (the fake drug in Stephen Soderberg's new joint, "Side Effects"), or are in the looney bin (you gotta see those group sessions)
    2. Bloody clothes are chic right now -- Luca can you comment from a teen perspective?
    3. Interesting pixel ratio.

  2. This reminds me of a lucid dream I had.
    The blood stains on the garments belong to the pinata.